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The World's Heaviest Cat

Cats are known for their precise, delicate and powerful grace. Most cats weigh in at around seven to ten pounds, a tiny size for such a strong predator. 

Introducing: Himmy

Sizes vary quite a lot, as some perfectly healthy cats can weigh 17-20 while others sit comfortably within the spectrum. Some cats exceed even that, reaching above 30 pounds. Himmy, a massive kitty from Australia weighed 21.3kg (46.8lb) and required a wheelbarrow to be moved around.

Guinness World Records

The tabby was given the impressive title of “World’s Fattest Cat” in 1986 by Guinness World Records, and his record has been unbroken since. His everlasting championship is likely due to increased health awareness for animals and because Guinness World Records discontinued the title in fear that others would overfeed their own pets in an attempt to beat Himmy. Perhaps there have been even heftier cats. 

The title was retired in 1998, but Guinness World Records still accepts impressive animal weight and size by breed. 

What happened?

While Himmy’s heft was impressive and a little awe-inspiring, it is important to remember that a cat’s purpose is to run, jump and play. The Australian cat’s reliance on a wheelbarrow for mobility may have seemed adorable at the surface, but Himmy died at only ten years old. It’s a sober reminder of the health risks and complications obese cats frequently suffer.