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The Happiness Of Cats

How do you make your cat happy?

Do you have a furry pet at home who is urging to be petted? Or to be fed? Or maybe it will just sit there and stare at you. What is is it doing!?

As it's owner, you are the cats parent, you are there for the cat to make sure it is cared for and loved on. So the cat will be just like any other kid, it will tell you what it wants by doing those things.

So make sure your cat is happy, provide good food in the morning and night. Find out if it prefers canned food or pebbles. In between time, give it love! Sit down and watch a movie with your cat by your side and pet it. And of course, make sure he or she is in a safe environment. Whether that means picking up small toys around your house so it doesn't eat them, or having to change the litter box a few times a day (cats hate a smelly odor😉).

How to tell if a cat is happy?

A cat can tell you what it wants, and can also tell you if it is happy with what it got. Uhm, how? They can't move their lips. I know. But it still can tell you.

If your cat comes and cozies up next to you at night time or purr against your hand when you are reading your paper, it is not only telling you it is happy but that it loves you. As much as you go out of your way to make it happy, it will always try to tell you it loves you and it is happy with it's life. 

How can your pet cat can bring you happiness?

Your cat loves you. You give it a home and food. But as much as your cat thanks you for bringing it joy, you may not realize but you are thanking your pet too. Your cat brings you everyday excited from the time your alarm goes off, to the smile it gives your mouth when you laid down to sleep. Is it the eyes? The fluffy small paws? Maybe both!? But there is more.

Your pet cat takes things off your mind while it rolls around by your feet. It takes away the lonely feeling you may be having by climbing on your shoulder to get your attention. It keeps you busy by nibbling at your hands after a long hard day at work. So no matter what kind of frown you put of your face to today. Your cat will take it off and give you a smile of freedom.